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I was born in Miskolc, 25. April 1972.  I am a low-actor (132 cm)
I completed my primary school studies in Budapest, and in 1990 I passed a successful graduation exam.
 I came into contact with the theater after various detours and I have been working as an actor since 1995 when György Klapka entrepreneur looking for dwarves and undersized people for a theatrical performance.
The director, János Novák entrusted me with the role of  "The Duke of Cliff" (Szirtherceg)  in  their work Zsolt Pozsgai & Swift Gulliver which was shown at Thalia Theater and played with great success twenty-six times. I made sure of that I was  most interested in acting,  so I have been  playing in theater.
It was also realized as a freelance actor in Budapest and in country theaters. Since then, I have been playing regularly in metropolitan and rural theaters.
photo: Miklós Déri
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